The Beatles in India

“There was an Indian driver…and me and Jane Asher in the back and it was long and it was dusty and it was not a very good car and it was one of those journeys, but it was great and exciting.”

-Paul McCartney

from Barry Miles’ “Many Years From Now”

A trip that rocked the world

In 1968, the Beatles made history by traveling to India to seek enlightenment from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at his spiritual center, the ashram in Rishikesh, India.

It was February 16th, fifty years ago when John Lennon and George Harrison first ventured forth from London. By February 19th, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were on there way to join them on this historic trip which rocked the world.

The Fascination

As Beatles fans and historians, we have always found this trip to be among the most fascinating and magical times in Beatles history. If you’re like us, you are fascinated too.

Mysterious India…Yogis and Gurus. Meditation. Enlightenment. Exotic Musical Sounds. Even the Groovy Colorful Clothes. Well, especially the groovy colorful clothes. The Beatles singlehandedly brought Eastern culture to the West with this journey. And popular culture has never been the same.

Beyond this, the Beatles creativity exploded here…with their prolific song writing becoming recordings that would fill the double gatefold LP, “The White Album” the best selling record of the 1960’s.

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