Rishikesh, India…The Ultimate Pilgrimage for the Beatles Savvy…Making History in 2018

the ultimate pilgrimage

If you’re Beatles fans like us, you’ve traveled to Liverpool, birthplace of the Beatles. You’ve been to London’s Abbey Road Studios and famous zebra crossing. You’ve paid homage to Strawberry Fields in New York’s Central Park.  You’ve traveled countless miles and spent untold amounts to see Paul McCartney perform across the USA or around the globe. You’ve enjoyed Ringo Starr with his All Starr Band on tour for decades. You may have been one of the lucky screaming fans to see the Beatles on tour in the ’60’s. Perhaps you simply love their music – it changed your life. That’s plenty.

But chances are you have never been to India.

It’s the last and ultimate frontier for Beatles fans… and we are taking you there to see India through the eyes of fellow fans, music lovers, and India experts. We think you will enjoy what we have created…it’s the India of your dreams, the India of magic and mystery, the India that the Beatles brought to the world fifty years ago. The India you will love.

Designed for the Beatles Savvy

As India Destination Specialists and serious Beatles fans, we have created what we believe is an authentic, rich experience which follows the footsteps of the Fabs to Rishikesh…and beyond.  For our Gala Experience in 2018, we will even catch sunrise at the Taj Mahal to observe George Harrison’s 75th birthday. “Here Comes The Sun,” indeed. We’ve hand-crafted these special journeys to celebrate a magical time in Beatles history. And we are eager to share with you the glorious and amazing treasures of India which are befitting the rock star in us all.

Make history with us

So join us. Be among the adventurous few who will journey to India in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles visit there in February 1968. Our history-making Gala Signature Experience of 2018 will take place during the exact travel dates of the Beatles from 50 years ago- with the exact days of the week aligning as well – Tuesday, February 20th, 1968 is Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.

What could be more cosmic?





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